My Approach

As your therapist I aim to offer an empathic, genuine and non judgemental space in which we can work together in understanding the nature of your difficulties. My initial training was person-centred and I wen’t on to study integrative relational counselling. I draw on a variety of approaches to inform our work, depending on what feels most appropriate for you. The main approaches I draw upon are described below:


The person-centred approach is based on the belief that we all have an innate ability to get in touch with our true selves and find our own ways of moving forwards. This is facilitated through a genuine, empathic and non judgmental environment.


A psychodynamic approach involves becoming aware of our unconscious mind. It may reveal how past relationships and experiences are influencing us in the present. Making these links can lead to greater self understanding and help us process more deep rooted feelings.


Gestalt is a holistic approach exploring emotions, thoughts, actions and physical sensations that are being experienced in the present moment. This focus on self awareness can lead to acceptance and growth. Gestalt also offers creative ways of working if desired.